Open hart surgery experience of a high volume center during pandemic [Tepecik Eğit Hast Derg]
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Open hart surgery experience of a high volume center during pandemic

Kemal Karaarslan, Ayşe Gül KUNT, BURÇIN ABUD
Cardiovasculer Surgery, Tepecik Education And Research Hospital,Health Science Universty, İzmir, Turkey

Introduction: The aim of the study is to report the results of open heart surgery performed during the pandemic.
Material and Methods: One hundred eighty-five symptomatic patients were operated under a median sternotomy with a cardiopulmonary bypass in a high-volume pandemic hospital. They were all outpatient and were COVID-negative. Strict precautions were taken.
Results: 185 patients were referred to cardiovascular surgery, including any type of cardiac operation. All patients were symptomatic due to primary disease. In-hospital mortality rate was seven times higher in those with Covid-19 (22.2%) and those without (3.4%) (p <0.0001).
Conclusion: Cardiac surgery is inevitable in symptomatic patients and can be done by choosing the risk of transmission against the risk of death. The patient, cardiac surgeon, and healthcare team should be aware of the ongoing contamination time.
Keywords: open heart surgery, emergency,COVID-19

Keywords: open heart surgery, emergency, COVID-19

Corresponding Author: Kemal Karaarslan, Türkiye

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