Prognostic Value of Dysnatremia in COVID-19 Disease [Tepecik Eğit Hast Derg]
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Prognostic Value of Dysnatremia in COVID-19 Disease

Şeyda Kayhan Ömeroğlu1, MEHMET BURAK ÖZTOP2
1İzmir Suat Zeren Research Hospital Department Of Anestesiology
2Izmir Bakircay University Department Of Surgery

Objective: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has started in December 2019 and evolved into a worldwide pandemic in March 2020. In Turkey first diagnose was announced in March 2020. Low costed and easily accessible laboratory parameters needed for predicting the prognosis of this disease as its outcome pattern vary greatly from patient to patient. There is promising data on prognostic impact of abnormal sodium concentration.
Materials and Methods: In this study we retrospectively investigated all adults with the diagnosis of COVID-19 who attended to Turkan Ozilhan Hospital over a 3 months period. We evaluated the association of dysnatremia (serum sodium < 135 or > 145 mmol/L, hyponatremia, and hypernatremia, respectively) with need for intensive care unit (ICU) treatment, need of intubation for advanced ventilatory support and inpatient mortality.
Results: A total of 1473 COVID-19 patients [793 males (53,9%) and 680 females (46,1%), median age 56,3 years old (range, 19–94)] were investigated for this study. The dysnatremic groups had significantly higher rates of need for ICU and intubation The need for ICU was 89 (21,5%) patients in normonatremic group but 38 (76%) patients in hypernatremic and 71 (64%) in hyponatremic patients (P<0,01 for each of them). The mortality rate was 5% in normonatremic patients but 50% in hypernatremic and 28% in hyponatremic patients. (P<0,01 for each of them)
Conclusion: Our results underline the importance of dysnatremia as predictive marker in COVID-19. Treating physicians especially in small town hospitals, should be aware of the risks of dysnatremic patients with COVID-19 and take precautions when they are treating them.

Keywords: COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, hypernatremia, hyponatremia.

Corresponding Author: Şeyda Kayhan Ömeroğlu, Türkiye

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